Seamless, secure tools to capture and manage data on your pipeline, partnerships and portfolio.

Gain custom insight into risk factors, performance indicators, and more.  From there, build and manage strong, transparent relationships with high-performing investment partners. 


Serving the information needs of your investors can be resource-intensive and administratively cumbersome.  Sterling Analytics supports you to stay in line with industry best-practice, ultimately keeping you ahead of the curve.

Communicate with ease and regularity to new and existing investors, and stay visible even when you are not fundraising.  

Take advantage of our user-friendly, highly secure tools to keep an open dialogue with capital partners and prospects.  Build stronger relationships and reduce fundraising cycles.  

Use Sterling Analytics to gain back time for core investment activities.  


Cutting-edge software that you don't have to build or maintain. Updated regularly for new features and capabilities, along with state-of-the-art security controls.  

Now, leverage our tools to exponentially grow your research capabilities and generate data-driven views and insights.  

Sterling Analytics is the backbone of your rigorous investment screening process.